Upcoming Events

Oct 26, 2014

Toronto Reptile Expo

We are Attending!
(Downsview Park, 40 Carl Hall Road , Toronto, ON, M3K 2B6)
Nov 15, 2014

Montreal Arachno-Get-Together

4:00pm to 9:00pm
(5306 Trans Island Avenue, Montreal, QC H3W3A2)
Nov 16, 2014

Montreal Reptile Expo

We are Attending!
(Holiday Inn Pointe Claire, 6700 Trans Canada HWY , Pointe Claire, QC, H9R1C2)
Dec 2, 2014

Last Shipping Day of the Year

All orders must be received and paid by Dec 1 to make the shipping deadline
Dec 7, 2014

Toronto Reptile Expo

We are Attending!
(Downsview Park, 40 Carl Hall Road , Toronto, ON, M3K 2B6)
Jan 12, 2015

First shipping day of 2015!

We will be taking orders throught the holiday season and begin shipping on January 12

Group shipments to Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Calgary

We are in the planning stages of group shipments to Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary. Anyone interested in joining the group should contact us ASAP so that we know how many folks are interested. remember, the more folks who join, the less the shipping fees will be per person! The groups will be scheduled after out big fall import arrives, so folks joining the group scan get in on the new arrivals!

Don't see your city listed for a group? Want to organize one? Give us a shout and we will get the ball rolling for your city!

New Import arrivign soon!

In addition to the shipment we just received, we will be receiving a second import very soon! The new arrivals will be listed by November 2. If anyone has any animals on their wish list that they would like us to look for, please email your list to us ASAP so that we can look for your animals and get pricing.

New arrivals from the USA

We just got a group of animals from the USA, including Aphonopela chalcodes, Hadrurus arizonenis , other scorpions, true spiders, and centipedes. The photos are up on the pricelist.

Toronto Reptile Expo, SUNDAY Oct 26

Tarantula Canada will have a table at the Toronto Reptile Expo at Downsview Park, 40 Carl Hall Road Toronto, ON M3K 2B6, on Sunday, Oct 26. We will have our full selection of tarantulas and other inverts, books, posters, and TarCan apparel. There will be some special deals only available at the expo as well, so don't miss out! We are now taking reservations for this expo. For folks using public transportation, there are several options available. More info is available on the TTC Website.

Amanda will be available to make drop offs on her route from Montreal, along the 401 to Toronto on Saturday Oct 25. Anyone who would be interested in meeting up for a drop off should contact us no later than Thursday Oct 23.

Just Hatched: Theraphosa apophysis! Now on Special!

We just hatched an eggsac of Theraphosa apophysis! The spiderlings will be on special at $75 while stock lasts, so don't miss out on the chance to get this hard to find species at a great price!

Mama with spiderlings

Proud Daddy

9th Annual Montreal Arachno-Get-Together

9th Annual Montreal Arachno-Get-Together- Saturday November 15, 2014!

We would like to announce that Tarantula Canada's 9th annual Montreal Arachno-Get-Together will be held on Saturday November 15 from 4:00 until 9:00 at our home, 5306 Trans Island Avenue, Montreal, QC H3W3A2. Mark your calendars! This year we are coordinating the date with the Montreal Reptile expo (Sunday Nov 16), so it is a great chance to make a weekend trip to our fair city!

It would be nice to hear who is coming for sure, just to give us an idea of how many are coming and help us plan. If anyone would like to help out by bringing drinks or snacks, please let us know. Amanda will be making her "famous" Cincinnati Chili Chip Dip as always!

We would like to remind everyone that this is a get together, not really a party. That being said, alcoholic beverages will be tolerated in moderation (you bring your own).

Everyone is welcomed to bring bugs if they want to try trading or selling we have absolutely no problem with this.

Remember, this event is being held at our home, not the shop. That being said, we will have our full selection of animals available for sale at our home if anyone is interested in making a purchase. The animals will then be transported to the expo Sunday morning for folks who want to wait until Sunday.

Hope to see everyone there!

Tarantula Canada New Arrivals!

We and other Canadian breeders have been hatching out baby inverts like crazy over the past few weeks, and those babies are now available! Here’s what’s new:

Brachypelma smithi! 1/4” at $25 each! Bred in Saskatchewan!

Bumba cabocla (formerly Maraca cabocla)- 1/4" @ $50 each! Bred here at the TarCan facility

Linothele megatheloides- 1/4" @ $15 each! Bred in Ontario!


Centuroides nigrescens 1/2" @ $30. Bred in Alberta!

Grosphus grandidieri 1/2" @ $10. Bred in Ontario!

Babycurus gigas 1/2" @ $10. Bred here at the TarCan facility

TRUE SPIDERS: Bred in Ontario!

Latrodectus tredecimguttatus 1/8. At $10 each

Artema sp. Israel 1/4” at $10 each. Bred in Ontario!

UROPYGIDS: Bred here at the TarCan facility

Thelyphonus sp. Borneo 1/2" at $25

Mastigoproctus pelegrini 1/2” at $40

5 for $25 Mix and Match Special

Mix and Match any combination of 5 of these spiderlings for just $25! You save 50%

NEW to the LIST! Phlogiellus sp. Koh Samui 1/6" (regular price $10 each)

NEW to the LIST! Brachypelma albopilosum 1/4" (regular price $10 each)

NEW to the LIST! Hapalopus sp. Coumbia small 1/6" (regular price $10 each)

NEW to the LIST! Psalmopoeus cambridgei 1/2" (regular price $10 each)

NEW to the LIST! Brachypelma verdezi 1/4" (regular price $10 each)

NEW to the LIST! Pseudhapalopus sp. Columbia 1/6" (regular price, $10 each)

NEW to the LIST! Lasiodora difficilis 1/4" (regular price, $10 each)

Grammostola rosea RED COLOR FORM!1/3"(regular price, $10 each)

Hysterocrates cf. gigas, 1/2" (regular price, $10 each)

Brachypelma vagans 1/4" (regular price, $10 each)

Lasiodora parahybana 1/4" (regular price, $10 each)

Catumiri cf. argentinensis 1/4"(regular price, $10 each)



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